Rants on Health

Crude, real and harsh health promotion messages HPB can never publicise

Youth is a great thing, huh? You live everyday without having to worry about tomorrow, thinking your body is able to withstand whatever hedonistic actions that you do (“YOLO”), (“Oh hey, I’m young! My body will be able to take any shit that I make it go through it! WOOOHOOO”).

Sure, you’re above 18, in your 20s, woah everything’s still cool, nothing’s happening to me yet woo!!!

When your late 40s and early 50s reach you, you take your annual health check-up. Oopsie, checkmate on your health. You’d probably find single or multiple chronic illnesses plaguing your body. You’d think, “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!”

Guess what? You totally deserved it. You deserve to get whatever chronic illnesses, even if it is terminal.

Think I sound harsh? BOOM welcome, this is how reality is like.

Eating unhealthily, giving in to your cravings, thinking “WOW, if I eat this, it would be okay!”, “It’s just once”, “I’ll exercise later (You probably wouldn’t), any hedonistic attitude towards food (TLDR)

Smoking, Shisha/Hookah, “There is totally nothing wrong with this!”, “Look, I’m still fine!”,”Shisha is safe man! (Yeah right)

Honey, life ain’t no sunshine. You reckon your youth will save you from anything? Do you want to just ruin your body away?

Every time you eat that junk food, that fried food, that fattening food (+ many others), don’t you know you’re setting a large time-bomb in your body? Every year that you grow other, that timer goes shorter and yes, it’s going to explode soon.

and when it explodes, it is kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Are you going to wait till it explodes till you break down and cry about your miserable health before you do something? Or are you going to take some action before it fucking gets you and you drown in self-pity?

Consider this, would you like to pay for a hefty medical bill that you didn’t have to pay in the first place, if someone took care of their health from the start? Everyone suffers from your illness BECAUSE you got it. YOU SUCK THE MONEY AWAY BECAUSE YOU GOT THE ILLNESS, YOUR BILLS ARE EXPENSIVE AND YOU COMPLAIN, well look who got ill first.

Here is quite a possible breakdown of what happens when you get ill later on in life:

  1. You get sick
  2. You pay a shitload of bills
  3. Your personal finances will go bust eventually
  4. Your spouse gets affected
  5. Your children gets affected
  6. You devoid them of opportunities (because of money)
  7. It gets to the point where you might die soon
  8. You devoid your family of even more opportunities

Would you like to shoulder this kind of burden? For Goodness/Yourself/Family/Whoever you love, stop being a fucking prick and take good care of yourself.

Don’t give yourself a fuckload of excuses as to why you can’t exercise regularly or you can’t eat healthily. Getting chronic illnesses is MOSTLY a PERSONAL choice rather than one that is genetic (I wish you people the very best).

change your life before it destroys you, please